Still feeling the bern.

Like him or not, he is real. He is setting out to do what he believes in. He gives authenticity and honesty to a system which is far from either of those things, and does so without portraying hatred or negativity. He understands the fundamental problems that exist within the infrastructure of our society, and is not afraid to speak truthfully about these problems. This is more than I expected out of any candidate in an election during my lifetime, and why I chose to become involved in the political process during this election. While I don’t know if he can do all of the things that he says he can, or I believe in all of his policies, I truly believe that Bernie Sanders will work as hard as he can to ensure that the 90% of us whom are not billionaires, or rather the 100% of you reading this, along with our great great grandchildren, will be able to live in a free and safe nation, and a unified, peaceful world. #feelthebern


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