Florida Part Dos

We woke up early in the morning and left Sarasota for Placida, to take the water taxi to Little Gasparilla where our friends are for the month. Little Gasparilla is an island with no commercial businesses, bridge and hardly any residents. We stopped on the way to get enough food, water, and drinks for 3 days.

The marina where we left the car and picked up the water taxi.

All of our stuff ready to go to the island!

We met our friends at a dock on the East side of the island and used a wheelbarrow to bring all of our stuff to the house on the sand filled “roads”.

We arrived at the house that was on stilts with an outdoor shower below!

It was still veryyy cold (60 degrees in the sun) and was funny to ย be surrounded by palm trees and dressed in the one winter outfit we had worn down here.
We were starving so we made some lunch right away. ย Normally on vacation I tend to not pay attention to what I eat and just have fun, but all of the healthy eating we did in Sarasota inspired me to get 3 days of healthy options at the grocery store (with no chance to order a late night pizza ๐Ÿ˜ฌ).

Lunch today was a veggie buger with Ezekial bread, hummus, tomato, lettuce and balsamic vinegar dressing.

I used a combination of coconut, sesame, and avocado oil to cook the veggie burger, the same combination we use for sunscreen! It was sooo filling, which is always nice when you are at the beach all ย day.

After lunch we relaxed on the porch, as it was still pretty cold to be outside. I enjoyed a drink and an adult coloring book.

The sun was so beautiful coming in through the porch, so we headed to the beach to see the sunset.

The sunset was amaaaazing and we had the beach to ourselves. Life was wayyy too good at that moment. Nothing else mattered, there was no extra noise, or expectations, or goals, just us and nature. Sometimes it takes silence and a sunset to remind you that life is very tangible and could be taken away from you at any time. In that moment I learned to appreciate those moments, and more importantly, make more of those moments for myself.


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