Travelling to Florida: Island Life

After seeing the most amazing sunset the night before, we woke up early to see the sunrise on the east side of the Little Gasparilla Island, which is on the bay side where all of the docks are. The sunrise was at 7:19 and we got there a little early to see all of the amazing colors over the bay.

It was still sooooo cold, so we left fairly quickly and went back to bed until it was warmer. Luckily in a few hours it was much warmer, and as the beach is protected from most of the wind, it was the perfect temperature for a beach day. At the entrance to the beach we were greeted by a tortoise who,we learned, has spent the past couple of years living in the dunes there.

We continued onto the beach and were amazed at the number of seashells that had come onto the beach. 

We had fun picking a couple of shells to add to our friends collection that they had started. After collectiong some shells and laying in the sun, we decided to go for a kayak. 

By mid day we were hungry, and thirsty 😜 so we headed back to the house for lunch. 
To drink, I had a Bloody Mary with a celery salted cucumber garnish, sooo good!! This was my first time trying Zing Zang mix and it is definitely one of my favorites!

After lunch we did a little exploring of the island. We found the “library” which is a small one room building with tons of old books on shelves along the walls that you can take and replace/return when you are finished.

We had found the library following the handmade signs on the roads/paths, but since it was about the time the sun was setting, we walked back to the house along the  beach. 

This sunset was absolutely amazing, my favorite of the trip. The colors were so deep and rich and there was the most beautiful pink glow over the whole beach.

Other than taking some pictures, we were disconnected for the day….and it was great. I noticed that the more hours I spent off of my phone, the less I was inclined to check my phone. It was a really good reminder that we are completely addicted to and dependent on our phones, whether we realize it and want to acknowledge it or not. We all really need to make a conscious effort throughout the day to, at the very least, be aware our dependence and addiction. And furthermore, if you do have the opportunity, make the leap and be in silence alone for a while (preferably in nature 😊). 


One thought on “Travelling to Florida: Island Life

  1. Travel blogger / Nomadic Adventurer says:

    Welcome to Florida!
    I recently return from my travels out west for the past 6-months, and I returned to attend some college classes and enjoy the warmth of SWFL.

    I’m in Fort Myers, and the beauty is astonishing. Travel past Naples into the Everglades and see all of the real snowbirds at a place called Shark tooth Valley in the Everglades.

    Ther is so many activities to venture into see and do it takes several years as a snowbird to experience.

    Marty. Nomadic Adventurer. πŸ™‚


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