As human beings, we are all just animals, however it seems that many of us have forgotten this. We no longer live on planet earth, as our species did for so long. We live in modern societies, which are completely independent from planet earth. At what point did we let our roles in societies separate us from the planet earth that we are inherently a part of? How do we get those feelings of being a part of the earth back? And how can we live in society without separating our role as animals on this earth, while still having a functioning modern day life?

I am not some hippie that advocates moving to a tiny home in the middle of nowhere to live off of the land. I am not going to suggest that you never eat a pancake again, and grow all of your own meat and produce in your backyard. I just want you to consider that before your job, your struggles, or your accomplishments occurred, you were brought into this world by the earth. I strongly believe that if we are conscious of this in our day to day lives, and make small changes to the choices we make because of this consciousness, the whole world will benefit.

I created this blog not only to get all of these crazy deep thoughts out of my head, but also to hopefully bring us all back to who we really are. Whether its eating what we should be eating, respecting each other as we should, or living as one with nature, we could all use a little reminder. Please take anything you can from this blog, whether it is just a recipe, an idea or an opinion (whether you disagree or agree), and use it to better humanity or be more of a real human yourself.