Vegan BLT

Sunday I watched What the Health. 😳. I. have. no. words. please. watch. As a result, on Monday, I drove around to 5 different local farms to get as much organic, vegan things as I could. I am soo sad that summer has ended, but it was fun to see all the pumpkins out for … Continue reading Vegan BLT


The finale: Florida Part III

Our time on Little Gasparilla came to an end on a beautiful warm sunny day. Before we took the water taxi back to the mainland, we spent the morning exploring the beach some more. This time though, we ventured onto the  State Park area of the beach that separates each end of the island from … Continue reading The finale: Florida Part III


This is my 3rd annual trip to Florida. This years plan: fly into Tampa, drive two hours to Little Gasparilla Island to visit friends for a few days, then head 2hrs to fly out of Fort Myers. Time frame: One week. Goals: See and experience as much of Florida as we possibly can!  The first … Continue reading Florida